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What Does Certified Organic Mean?

Certified organic food must be grown and processed according to the National Standards for Organic and Biodynamic Produce.

Organic food is:

  • regulated by certifying bodies with annual audits

  • processed without synthetic colours, flavours, preservatives, and other common additives

  • in greater harmony with nature using farming practices to protect soil, water, and air quality

  • safer for our farmers to produce due to the lack of chemical exposure

Certified organic covers pretty much every attribute you would expect in an ethically produced product.

It means free range, pasture fed, cruelty free, socially responsible and grown without GMO's, synthetic pesticides and herbicides, human-made fertilisers, hormones and antibiotics.

So why choose Organic?

"Organic dairy, eggs and meat comes from animals reared with the highest standards of animal welfare. Animals are given a quality of life that allows them to roam in the sun and fresh air in free range fields and pastures. Organically reared animals aren’t fed antibiotics or had their growth artificially enhanced with growth hormones. Natural breeding methods are used and live export is banned.

The benefits of eating organic are better health and less disease, which seems logical when the food has not been treated with pesticides, fertilisers, chemicals, additives or preservatives. The cumulative effect of taking in a cocktail of pesticide residues has been linked to decreased fertility, breast cancers, immune system problems and nervous system problems like Parkinson’s disease.

Various studies have found that organic food has higher levels of anti-oxidants, flavonoids (found in plants which help regulate allergens, carcinogens and viruses), omega-3, vitamin C and nutrients like iron, magnesium and phosphorus."

From The Wholesome Hub

At Noble Organics we are certified through OFC. The Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd (OFC) is an approved organic certifying body recognised by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment under the Export Control (Organic Goods) Rules 2021.

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Why choose organic? here are 33 reasons why organic is better, healthier and safer for you. (n.d.). Retrieved May 20, 2022, from

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