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GreenAg organic turkeys

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

GreenAg Certified Organic Free Range Turkeys are grown on the Darling Downs in a small farming district of Cutella.

"After being in the agricultural industry for more than 30 years and experiencing health issues, Ewart (aka the Turkey Man) discovered the positive impact turkey meat could have on his health and that of his family and friends. He set out to explore the possibility of producing free range organic turkey and the rest, as they say, is history."

GreenAg turkeys are fed a blend of natural grains and organic ingredients. This combined with the nature’s gifts of fresh air and sunshine, and assorted traditional herbal plantings, all add to the exquisite flavour.

"Most turkey farms use low protein mixes that can create

Turkey Pox. Our Proprietary Blend has been specially put

together by leading experts to prevent this terrible epidemic commonly found in other farms.

The use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and toxins is rampant within most feed, but our Proprietary Blend is chemical and toxin-FREE."

The turkeys are calmed using classical and Baroque music and raised in small groups to reduce stress levels, which highlights and enhances the quality and texture of the meat and delivers a subtle and delicate flavour.

The turkeys are kept warm by special heaters during the cold weather. Stress can kill most birds early in their fragile life, but GreenAgs stress-free turkeys mean the meat remains tender, delicate and mouth-waterinlgy scrumptious.


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