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Introducing Clayton's Organic Beef

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

"All our cattle come from carefully selected certified organic farms in Queensland. Along with grass, the cattle are provided a ration of high quality certified organic grain, silage and hay.

‘Tulloch Brae’ is the family’s finishing property just outside Toowoomba where ALL our cattle is cared for during the last 100 days. The property has an abundance of water which means the majority of the cattle’s supplementary certified organic feed can be home grown. The cattle have 640 acres to explore, and when it’s time, the family muster on horseback to minimise stress for the cattle.

Clayton’s Organic Beef is a product of its’ environment. Clayton and Jackie Sargood’s vast pastures, clean rainfall, abundant sunshine and free range conditions produce the world’s finest all-natural organic beef.Our cattle are selected for superior meat quality. The cattle graze freely, feeding on natural grasses, organic sorghum and organic corn. The high protein grasses are converted to soft textured muscle rather than fat.

Here at Clayton’s Organics, we follow simple but thoughtful practices in raising cattle humanely (stress-free) from the farm to the table.

Our Clayton’s Organic Beef is as you would expect, hormone and antibiotic free. It contains no artificial ingredients or additives, and is a healthy alternative to domestic beef; with reduced calories, fat and cholesterol content and is a valuable source of protein, minerals and essential B group vitamins."


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