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Before the weekend

A lot goes into getting us to the weekend markets. It starts at our shop at Gorokan, where our butchers make sausages, marinade our chickens, cut up the meat and package it all for you.

It’s then sent to our warehouse in Somersby on a Friday, in what seems like endless stacks, where some faces you may know carefully unpack them and display them on our shelves. They then pack our vehicles with all the things we need to help serve you over the weekend.

And then the real fun starts.

We meet back at Somersby before 4am Saturday morning. We load up the cars, hook on the cool rooms, and then drive out to our many market locations to set up and see your smiling faces.

It’s a huge process, but worth every second knowing we are helping hundreds of our customers feed their families with the cleanest and yummiest meat we can get our hands on.

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