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Australian Organic Meat Group (AOM) Beef

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Australian Organic Meats Group animals are raised the way nature intended. They graze on pasture totally clean of any synthetic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. The animals are free of antibiotics and growth promotants. They do not feed on corn, grain, or any animal, agricultural or industrial by-products. They eat only grass and hay, the way they believe all cattle were meant to eat. This means that AOM beef is full of minerals, nutrients and omega-3 fatty acid profile typical of green pastor-raised animals.

They place a strong emphasis on their animals welfare, believe it is paramount to observe the health of the animal and that procedures are in place to give it a quality life.

They are committed to a certified organic andenvironmentally sustainable system that pro vides opportunities for the next generation of farmers of the world. Their goal is to consistently supply premium quality grass-fed certified organic beef and lamb.

“Our cattle are raised on the abundant lush grasslands of Central Queensland, the Channel Country, Darling Downs, northern New South Wales, vast grasslands of northern Western Australia, and lush pastures of southern and western Victoria.

These premium cattle-growing areas are renowned for their plentiful fertile pastures and undulating farmland, producing healthy and happy cattle. The diversity of the location of these regions ensures access to quality livestock all year round and assists in future-proofing our supply should climatic conditions affect some areas.”

The Australian Organic Meats Group is a partnership between two long-standing traditional organic farming families. They are producers and suppliers of exceptionally high quality organic meat - farmed with the animal, environment and consumers health in mind.

The Tully and O’Leary families have generations of farming history in Australia and are foundation members of the Australian organic movement.

Simone and Shane Tully are born and bred into agricultural families. The Tully’s are well-known Australian outback pioneers who settled sheep and cattle stations throughout Western Queensland from the 1840s. Simone and Shane now own and operate an 8000 acre certified organic property on the QLD and NSW border.

The O’Leary family first settled in the Elong district in 1902. After first visiting an organic farm ins 1987, they decided to move towards a sustainable agriculture system. They received A Grade Organic Certification in 1989 and are often referred to as the pioneers in the organic industry. Time has proven that it was a very sound decisions. Elimination chemicals and artificial fertilisers have significantly improved the general health of the animals, the soil, and family members. The O’Leary family saw organic as the way of the future.

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